The Ultimate Guide to Breeo Cooking

A Breeo fire pit is a smokeless and efficient way to cook outdoors without all the hassle of dealing with a traditional campfire. In this guide, we will teach you how to set up your Breeo fire pit for cooking and grilling, and we’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of your outdoor culinary experience!

Benefits of open fire cooking

There are many benefits to cooking over an open fire, and a Breeo smokeless fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy those benefits without all the smoke. Open fires provide intense heat which is great for searing meat, and the flames can be used to char vegetables for added flavor.

Smoke from a traditional campfire can overpower and ruin the flavor of food, but with a Breeo fire pit, you can enjoy the true taste of your meal.

Another great benefit of open fire cooking is the ambiance it creates. Cooking over a Breeo fire pit is a great way to entertain guests and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Everything just tastes better over a Breeo. In fact, the Breeo has replaced our gas grill for most of our grilling.

What you’ll need to get started

Cooking over a Breeo can be as basic as roasting hot dogs on a stick or as fancy as surf and turf or rotisserie chicken. We’ll assume you know how to roast a hot dog, and instead focus on some of the unique cooking methods that can only be done with a Breeo and a few cooking accessories.

Breeo offers some cooking accessories that are designed to be compatible with each of the X Series fire pits. There are also some cool cooking tools that aren’t made by Breeo, but work nicely with a Breeo fire pit. Let’s take a look at some accessories that will take your cooking game to the next level.

Breeo Outpost

The Breeo Outpost instantly converts your fire pit into a grill capable of cooking a wide variety of food. The Outpost integrates nicely with the three models in the X Series. Notice the hole in the rim of your X Series fire pit? That’s a slot for the Outpost to lock into.

The height of the grill can be adjusted to change the heat level. You can start it low for a flame sear, then raise the grill for a low and slow cook.

There are two size Outposts, the 19 (17″ wide) and the 24 (22″ wide). The Outpost is very sturdy. The maximum weight capacity is between 20lbs and 80lbs depending on which Outpost you’re using with which firepit. That’s a lot of food! That also means you can use cast iron pots and pans on the grill.

The Outpost also comes with a spike anchor that can be driven into the ground. So you can take the grill camping and cook over a regular fire (no fire pit needed).

And if you have the X Series 30, you’ll noticed two slots in the rim of the pit. That’s an extra slot for a second Outpost. Two outposts creates the perfect setup for cooking foods at different temperatures. Or use one outpost with the grate, and the second Outpost with a Kettle Hook, which we’ll describe later.

Cast iron pan

A good cast iron pan is perfect for open fire cooking and pairs really nicely with the Breeo Outpost. A pan is perfect for cooking food in oil and butter. It’s also handy when you want to cook foods like eggs or hash browns that wouldn’t work on the Outpost grate.

Cast iron can withstand the high heat of a Breeo fire. Avoid enamel cast iron, as that can crack if it gets too hot.

The popular Lodge cast iron pans are the perfect cooking companion for a Breeo.

The Lodge seasoned cast iron skillet is the perfect companion for the Breeo Outpost.

What can you cook on the Outpost?

If you can cook it on a gas or charcoal grill, you can cook it on the Breeo Outpost. And it’ll be as good if not better on the Breeo Outpost. Here are a few of the many items that can be cooked on the Outpost.

Sausage and Hot Dogs – Quick, easy, and delicious. Hot Dogs are (usually) a kid pleaser. And there are so many types of sausage, the adults will never get bored. Try grilling some good Kielbasa and thank us later.

And if you haven’t had Italian sausage from Shoprite of West Chester grilled over a open fire, you haven’t lived.

Closeup of chicken sausage and pear slices on the Breeo Outpost
Chicken sausage and pears

Hamburgers – Flame grilled hamburgers are the perfect party food. Cook your burgers directly on the Outpost grate. And don’t forget to toast your buns!

Ribs – Low and slow is the only way to cook ribs. The Outpost is great for cooking ribs because you can control both the size of the fire and the distance between the grill and the flames.

Steak – A good steak is the perfect meal for a special occasion. You can cook your steak directly on the Outpost, or use a cast iron pan. Or start the steak in a hot pan to sear the outside before raising the height of the Outpost (and lowering the temperature).

Pork – Pork tenderloins and pork chops are great on the grill. We recommend marinading the meat for at least a few hours before throwing them over the fire. Cook a vegetable on the side while you’re at it.

Closeup of pineapple slices and pork chops on breeo outpost
Thin cut pork chops with pineapple slices

Chicken – BBQ Chicken breasts and ribs are a grilling staple. But we prefer to do chicken wings on the Outpost. I’ve been told my Breeo wings are the best wings people have ever had. They’re the perfect crispiness.

Toss the wings in oil before throwing them on the grill. Cook slow at low heat, turning them frequently. Then add your favorite sauce or seasoning. Garlic parm wings are amazing.

And if wings aren’t your thing, try spatchcock chicken.

Vegetables – Many types of vegetables can be grilled on the Outpost, either directly on the grate, wrapped in foil, or in a pan. A few of our favorite veggies to grill on the Outpost are eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, mushroom caps, and corn on the cob.

Fruit – Yes, you can grill fruit and the Outpost makes it super easy. If you haven’t tried pears, or nectarines, you need to give it shot. Grilled pineapples go great with grilled pork.

Pizza – Everyone loves pizza and the Outpost makes it easy to cook your own pizzeria quality pies at home. This is where using a lid can help cook the crust. Then add your favorite toppings and put it back on the Outpost for a few minutes to melt the cheese and warm the toppings.

Prefer flatbreads? They cook great on the outpost as well!

Breakfast – What’s better than waking up and firing up the Breeo? Bacon cooks perfectly right on the grate. Just keep it the grate a little higher as the grease will drip causing the fire to flair up a bit. You can also do eggs in a cast iron pan.

Bacon cooking over a grate next to a pan with eggs
Pit Bros John and Joe making some bacon and eggs on the Breeo Outpost

Or how about some hot and delicious donuts? These are super-easy to make and taste so much better when they’re still warm.

Three donuts cooking in oil in a cast iron pan over a fire pit
Easy fire pits donuts on the Breeo Outpost and a pan

Soups and Stews – Breeo offers a really nice cast iron kettle and kettle hook for the Outpost. But you can also do soups or stews right on the Outpost using your own pot, kettle, or dutch oven. Camp stew is fun and usually a crowd pleaser. Chili is perfect in the colder months as well.

Those a just a few ideas for Outpost grilling. We didn’t even get into kabobs, breads, or deserts.

As you can tell, cooking with the Outpost is a great way to cook over the Breeo, but it’s not the only way. Let’s talk about another amazing cooking accessory, the Breeo Searplate.

Breeo Searplate Griddle

The Breeo Searplate Griddle is another great cooking accessory with endless possibilities. Drop the carbon steel cooktop on top of your X Series pit and instantly turn your fire pit into the ultimate grill. The cooktop heats up super fast and distributes heat evenly, making it perfect for cooking just about anything.

There are three size Searplate Griddles to match whichever X Series pit you have. The cooking section ranges from 5.6″ to 9.1″ depending on which pit and griddle you have.

You’ll have plenty of room for steaks, burgers, veggies, seafood (lobster anyone?), or anything else you can think of.

When you’re done, just scrape off the griddle while it’s still hot. The handles are made of pakka wood, which should stay cool to the touch (but double check before grabbing).

The Searplate Griddle is designed so that it can used with the Breeo Outpost, creating the ultimate Breeo cooking experience. Sear the outside of a steak on the griddle, then move it to the Outpost grate for a slower cook. Or throw wings on the grate while make some burgers on the griddle.

Outpost Kettle Hook

The Breeo Outpost Kettle Hook fits onto the post of your Outpost. It’s ideal for hanging a kettle (Breeo brand or otherwise), but it’s also great for hanging a variety of foods.

Hang a string of veggies, like peppers, from the kettle hook high enough to where you’ll get a nice slow cook. You can do the same with a whole chicken.

Or hang a kettle to cook stew, chili, soup, or just about anything else you would cook in a pot.


Rotisserie cooking over a Breeo is next level. Although Breeo doesn’t make a rotisserie, there are several models from other brands that integrate nicely with a Breeo. Some of those come with their own stake, but you can also mount some to the post from your Breeo Outpost.

You can cook most cuts of meat using a rotisserie. You can also do vegetables or fish in a rotisserie basket.

The benefit of rotisserie cooking is that you can slow with ease and be sure that whatever you’re cooking is evenly cooked.

Breeo Outpost Lid Hack

There are times when you might want a lid for your grill. Using a lid holds the heat and cooks the meat throughout, without overcooking the outside. But the Breeo Outpost come with a lid or even sell one separately.

Here’s the hack for anyone with the Breeo Outpost 24…

Find someone who is getting rid of an old Weber 22″ charcoal grill. The lid to the Weber fits almost perfectly over the Breeo Outpost 24. There are a bunch of these Weber’s on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, and they’re usually cheap or free. So for next to nothing, you’ll have an ideal grill lid for your Outpost.

A Weber charcoal lid cover sitting on a Breeo Outpost grill
A popular ‘hack’ is to use a Weber charcoal lid cover with a Breeo Outpost

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide to cooking over a Breeo fire pit. As you can see, there are many ways to cook with a Breeo, whether it’s with the Outpost, Searplate Griddle, or even just using your own pot. So get creative and start grilling! And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Happy grilling!

Frequently Asked Breeo Cooking Questions

Can you cook on a regular Breeo rim (without the searplate)?

There’s no reason you can’t cook on the rim of a Breeo. It definitely get’s hot enough to cook food thoroughly. However, it will get dirty and can be tough to clean. Plus the rim is pretty narrow, so there’s not a lot of space for cooking. The searplate is a better option, as is the Outpost and a cast iron pan.

How do you clean a Breeo fire pit?

To remove the ash from the bottom of your Breeo, use an ash shovel or ash vacuum. The rim can be cleaned with stainless steel cleaner and steel wool. Read more about cleaning your Breeo.

Where is the best place to buy a Breeo?

There are a few places where Breeo fire pits are sold. You can buy directly from the manufacturer at Breeo fire pits are also available at Home Depot and Amazon. For more check our our guide to when and where to buy your Breeo.

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