Where (and When) to Buy a Breeo Fire Pit

Breeo fire pits are the best wood burning fire pits on the market. They work great, they look stylish, they’re smokeless, and they last forever. If you’re considering buying a Breeo, you might be asking where to buy one, and when to buy a Breeo to get the best deal. We’ll discuss the best place to buy a Breeo and when you should pick one up.

First, let’s talk about the best places to buy your Breeo.

Where to buy a Breeo

Breeo fire pits are becoming available at a wider number of places, but there are three popular places to buy one.


Buying direct from Breeo.com has its advantages. Here are a few:

  • Every model and all the Breeo accessories can be found on Breeo.com. Other places will have a limited selection. 
  • Price. Other places may match the price, but I haven’t seen the fire pits cheaper anywhere else. And occasionally Breeo.com will have sales. More on that later.
  • The Breeo Firemaster’s Club.  It’s basically a rewards program where you can earn points from buying Breeo products, signing up for the email list, liking the company on Facebook, and other ways. You can then redeem those points for Breeo accessories. We’ll talk more about the Firemaster Club later.
  • The option to buy bundles. There are several bundle options, but the one I’d recommend is the “fire pit grilling bundle.” It includes the X Series fire pit (you pick the size), the Outpost Grill, the lid, and an ash shovel. You’ll want everything in this bundle, and when you buy them all together, you basically get the ash shovel for free.
  • Free shipping!

Word of advice from a Breeo owner:  If you buy a Breeo, you absolutely want to get the Breeo Outpost cooking system. You can cook just about anything on it and everything tastes better over a Breeo. Check our Breeo cooking guide.


You can buy almost anything on Amazon, and Breeo fire pits are no exception. You can usually find the X Series lineup on Amazon for the same price as Breeo.com. Plus shipping time is pretty good. The downside is you won’t find all the accessories and you won’t earn points.

Amazon is a good place to read reviews and see commonly asked questions about the Breeo fire pits.

Shop the Breeo store on Amazon.

Home Depot

The one advantage to buying a Breeo from Home Depot is that you can pick it up same day, assuming they have the model you want in stock. The Home Depot location near me only seems to carry the X Series 24 in corten steel. That happens to be my favorite model and the Breeo I own. But if you’re looking for another size or you want stainless steel, you may need to look elsewhere.

When to buy a Breeo

The best time to buy a Breeo is when they go on sale. In the past few years, Breeo.com has had sales on Black Friday. There have also been sales on Labor Day.  Either time is perfect to get a Breeo, since the weather is getting cooler and you’ll really want to light a fire.

Although there’s no ‘bad’ time to buy a Breeo. The fire pits last forever, so consider it a one-time purchase that will provide memories for years to come.

Breeo Firemaster Club

The Breeo Firemaster Club is a rewards system that earns you points for buying Breeo products or a bunch of other ways. You can then use those points to buy great accessories like an Outpost or Breeo hats and t-shirts. 

Here’s how you can get some ‘free’ Breeo clothes and accessories.

Earn points:

  • Buy an X Series Fire pit (1 point per $1) = 600 points
  • Create a Breeo.com account = 500 points
  • Write a review for the fire pit and add a picture = 600 points
  • Sign up for the mailing list = 200 points
  • Have a birthday = 500 points

That’s over 2,000 points

Redeem your points for: 

  • Breeo ash shovel
  • Breeo gloves
  • Breeo trucker hat 
  • Breeo t-shirt
  • And more!

And there are other ways to earn more points for even better accessories.  You can only earn points for Breeo products purchased through Breeo.com. In my opinion, the Firemaster Club is the biggest reason to buy your fire pit directly from Breeo.

X Series 24 with Lid and stone surround

About Breeo

Breeo is an American company that manufactures its fire pits in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It has been producing smokeless fire pits for over 10 years. The company focuses on making high quality, innovative products.

Wrapping up

You have a few options for where to purchase your Breeo.. Home Depot is the quickest option (assuming you live by one). But if you don’t mind waiting a few days for shipping, purchasing directly through Breeo is our recommendation. You’ll be able to choose from any Breeo fire pit or accessory. For price, we haven’t seen anywhere else beat Bree.com. Plus, it’s super easy to get some quality accessories or swag through the Breeo Firemasters Club.

You’re going to love your Breeo regardless of where you get it from. 

Enjoy your Breeo!

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