Solo Stove vs Breeo: Battle of the Smokeless Fire Pits

Used Solo Stove Yukon

Smokeless fire pits are all the rage, and for good reason. Whether you’re cooking delicious food or just relaxing under the stars, there’s nothing like the warm glow of a fire. And without all that smoke, the night is so much more enjoyable.

But with so many smokeless fire pits on the market, which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll compare the two most popular brands: Solo Stove and Breeo.

What is a smokeless fire pit?

A smokeless fire pit is a special type of pit that uses a unique design to minimize the amount of smoke produced. While the design differs between brands, the concept is basically the same: smoke is pulled through the space between the double walls and burned before it can escape. The process is referred to as secondary combustion.

A diagram showing how smokeless fire pits work

And while smokeless fire pits aren’t 100% smokeless (we’ll get into that), they produce much less smoke than a regular fire pit. Your eyes will thank you when they’re not burning in a cloud of smoke. And while we won’t guarantee you’ll have some smoke on your clothes at the end of the night, it won’t be nearly as bad as you’re used to.

Infographic comparing solo stove and breeo fire pits

Solo vs Breeo

Solo and Breeo were are arguable the two best brands in the smokeless fire pit industry. As a result, there’s an ongoing debate as to which is better. Both brands have a huge following. The fire pits share a similar design: a double-walled steel cylinder with vents on the bottom to reduce the amount of smoke released. But that’s where the similarities end. Let’s take a look at the two brands and crown a winner based on these categories:

  • Quality
  • Smokelessness
  • Price
  • Material
  • Look/Style
  • Accessories

Let’s get into it!


Solo and Breeo are both very quality. You really can’t go wrong with either. Both brands make their fire pits (and most of their accessories) out of 304 stainless steel which is solid and won’t rust.

When you take a close look at either brand’s fire pits, you’ll see quality welds and smooth finishes.

Breeo just seems to have a little more attention to detail. And while it’s hard to point out specifically why, if you ask most folks (like us) who have used both, they’ll agree that Breeo is the higher quality product.

Winner: Breeo


This is the reason both of these companies exist and why you’re reading the article. So, which brand’s fire pit puts off less smoke? We’ve spending many (maybe too many) hours next to Solo Stoves and Breeo fires, and we can honestly say there’s not a noticeable difference. Both types will put off almost no smoke IF the fire is properly maintained. There’s a bit of a learning curve to getting a smokeless fire, but you’ll be happy with either brand once you figure that out.

Winner: Tie


If you compare the price of similar products from the two companies, Solo Stove is almost always cheaper. The Solo Yukon and the Breeo X Series 24 are similar sizes, so let’s look at those. At the time of this writing, the Solo Yukon is on sale for $429.99. The Breeo X Series 24 is $579, which is $149 more than the Solo. Breeo does offer sales, but usually only once a year, and even then the Solo will usually be cheaper.

Winner: Solo


Both Breeo and Solo pits are made out of 304 stainless steel, which is the most common type of stainless steel. 304 stainless is a mix of chromium and nickel. It’s rust-resistant and will last a lifetime with proper care.

Breeo offers two steel options: corten steel and regular stainless steel. Corten steel looks bluish-gray out of the box, but overtime it will develop a natural rust colored patina. It can be a little alarming to see this at first, but remember the change in color is expected and isn’t damaging the steel.

The regular stainless steel looks like the steel on a kitchen appliance and will keep that look for the life of the pit. Both types will work just as well and last just as long, so choosing between them comes down to personal preference.

Winner: Tie


Look and style are a matter of personal preference, but here’s one man’s opinion…

Solo Stoves are shiny and sleek. They look great at a tailgate or campsite. But if you’re asking which brand looks better on a nice patio, I’m going with a Breeo all day.

The design of the Breeo is more subtle and classic. It fits in perfectly with even the nicest of patios. It can also stand alone in the middle of a yard (maybe with a few chairs). You can see the attention to detail in the welds and even the “Breeo” name that is cut into each of the four legs. Breeo pits just have that look of quality.

To me the Solo Stove looks more like an appliance. I heard someone compare a Solo Stove the drum inside a washer machine, and now that’s all I see when I look at a Solo Stove. Then again, you really can’t see the stove itself at night, so what really matters is how well it works.

Take a look at the many pictures our site and on the manufacturer’s website and see what you think.

Winner: Breeo


Both brands offer a bunch of great accessories to improve your fire pit experience. We’ll cover each of the accessories later, so for now we’ll talk about the main accessory categories.

Safety accessories

The main item in this category is a spark shield. Both companies offer quality smoke shields that differ in design, but work well.

Cooking accessories

Breeo Outpost is an adjustable grate, where the Solo Stove Hub uses different types of cooktops. Again, different designs, but both are high quality.

Accessories for protecting your pit

It makes sense that you’ll want to protect your investment by keeping it dry and free of debris when not in use. Solo and Breeo both offer steel lids and covers to do just that.

Other accessories

Solo offers a few accessories that Breeo doesn’t. The big one that comes to mind is the Solo heat deflector, which we’ll talk about more. Other accessories unique to Solo are the pit tools, color packs, handles, and sticks.

Solo and Breeo only make quality accessories. Because of the wider variety of offerings, Solo is our winner of the accessories category.

Winner: Solo

Solo Stove Lineup

Solo offers three different stoves: the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon. They all use the same design and technology. The main difference is the size. The smaller options are more portable, but put off less heat. The bigger guys put off more heat, but are harder to move.


The Ranger is the smallest fire pit in the Solo Stove lineup. It’s 15 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall and weighs 15 pounds. The Ranger is great for small yards or patios. It’s also very easy to transport, so it makes a great addition to any camp out or tailgate.

Since it’s on the smaller side, the Ranger isn’t meant to keep large groups of people warm. But if you’re looking for an affordable and portable fire pit, the Ranger is perfect.


The Bonfire is Solo Stove’s most popular model. It’s 19.5 inches wide, 14 inches tall and weighs 20 pounds. The Bonfire is big enough to keep your group warm, but small enough to still be portable. It comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store or transport.


The Yukon is the biggest fire pit in the Solo Stove lineup. It’s 27 inches wide, 17 inches tall and weighs 38 pounds. The Yukon is great for large groups or anyone who wants maximum heat output. The size makes it hard for one person to pick up, but two people can move it around pretty easily.

Note: Solo Stove released an upgraded 2.0 Yukon stove. Read about the differences between the 1.0 and 2.0 Yukon models.

Camp Stoves

Solo Stoves are also available in smaller sized that are designed to take hiking or camping. They won’t put off a ton of heat, but they can fit in backpack and are perfect for cooking individual meals on. The camp stoves have the same airflow technology as the bigger models.

The Solo Stove camping stove lineup consists of the Lite, the Titan, and the Campfire. Here are the dimensions:

  • Lite: 4.25″ wide x 5.7″ tall, 9oz
  • Titan: 5.1″ wide x 7.9″ tall, 16.5oz
  • Campfire: 7″ wide x 9.25″ tall, 2.2lbs

The camp stoves have their own line of accessories. And of course, all camp stoves are made of 304 stainless steel.

Pizza Oven and Grill

Solo Stove sells a charcoal grill and a wood burning pizza oven. They’re both super nice, but they’re not fires, so we’re not going to include them in our comparison.

And if you’re like me and you’re school isn’t on the list, you can always request to have your school added.

That covers the Solo Stove lineup. Next we’ll get into the many accessories to take your stove to the next level.

Solo Accessories

Solo offers a wide range of accessories to enhance your fire pit experience. Some accessories, like the spark shield, are for safety. Others are for cooking. And some, like the color packs, are just for fun. One thing they have in common is they’re all high quality. Let’s go down the list of available accessories.


The Hub is the base of the Solo Stove Cooking system. It’s essentially elevates the cooktop of your choosing, which is sold separately or as part of a bundle.

There are three different options for cooktops: a cast iron grill, a cast iron griddle, and a cast iron wok. The Hubs and cooktops are differences sizes, designed to fit the three Solo Stoves.

There’s a ton of versatility here, but you’ll see the cost starts to add up if you want multiple cooktops.

Heat Deflector

Solo Stoves put off a ton of heat, but most of that heat comes out of the top of the stove. You may have stood or sat next to a raging hot Solo (or Breeo) and still have icy cold feet. That’s where the heat deflector comes into play.

The Solo Stove heat deflector is perfect for those really cold days and nights. The design is pretty simple. It sits on top of your Solo Stove and deflects heat outward and down, toward your legs and feet.

It’s made of the same 304 stainless steel as your Solo Stove, so it’ll last a long time. Breeo doesn’t offer a heat deflector (yet), so this is a point for Solo.

Fire Pit Tools

The package Solo “Fire Pit Tools” is a two-piece set consisting of a poker and a grabber. What’s neat about these two tools is that they’re intentionally bent so that you can move your logs without having your hands and arms directly above the fire. It’s a nice little innovation that will save you from singeing your arm hairs (been there!).

The poker and grabber are both made of 304 stainless steel, which seems to be the only metal these brands use.

The price for this set seemed high at first, it’s really not too bad considering the tools will last forever.


Lids serve a number of purposes. A few benefits of lids is that they:

  • keep water and debris out of the fire pit
  • serve as a table top when the pit isn’t in use
  • can be used to cover the fire if you need to step away

You can pick up a lid for any of the three Solo Stoves. And of course, they’re made from 304 stainless steel. Unlike the Breeo lids which we’ll talk about later, the Solo lids don’t have a handle. Handles aren’t entirely necessary, but they do make it easier to take the lid on and off.


Shields sit on top of the stove and are designed to prevent sparks from shooting out. Both brands offer a spark shield for safety purposes, but the two designs are different. The Solo stove shield is a two-piece system (made of 304 steel) with a flat top that lifts off when you need to add more wood. It comes with removal tools for opening when hot.

The Breeo version is a dome that opens when you need to throw more wood in. Both the Breeo and Solo shields do a great job of stopping sparks from wreaking havoc. One slight advantage the Breeo shield has is that you can open it with one hand (or tool), which makes it easier to add more wood.


Solo Shelters are PVC-coated polyester covers that keep your stove clean and dry in between uses. There are built-in aluminum stay that prevent the cover from caving in. This is a feature the Breeo cover does not have, although we have always used our Breeo cover over a lid, so there was no risk of cave in.

There are three Solo Shelter sizes to perfectly fit your stove. And you have an option for two color choices: Black or Premium Ash Grey.


Solo offers stands to raise your fire pit a few inches off the ground, to help protect the ground (or other surface) from the heat.

Adding a stand doesn’t mean you can use your Solo Stove on any surface. From the manufacturer website:

“We designed this with multiple surfaces in mind, but we can’t account for every type of patio or deck out there. With that in mind, use your best judgement and read all instructions throughly!”

Not a lot of guidance there. We typically use the stove in grass or crushed stone. If you’ve tried the Solo stove with the stand on your deck, let us know how it went.

There are three stands to fit the different stove sizes. The stands are all between 2.75-2.8″ tall and weigh about a pound. As a bonus, they fit into the inside of the stove for storage.

Solo Station

The Station Is pretty cool in concept. It’s a single place to store your Solo Stove, logs, and fire pit tools when not in use. All four sides cover protecting your investment from sun, rain, debris, etc.

I said cool “in concept” because I don’t own one and honestly haven’t been near one. I chose not to buy one and here’s why: I already have a (much) bigger wood rack to store my logs. Even if I didn’t have a rack, It doesn’t look like the log storage space on the Station is big enough to hold more than a few nights worth of logs. Plus I keep my pit in the same place year round. I’m not moving a hot pit into this station at the end of the night.


If you plan on moving your Solo Stove a lot, you may want to pick up a handle. The handle fits the inside of the rim, allowing you to pick up the Solo with one hand. It’s especially useful for the Yukon, which can be awkward to carry even though it’s not very heavy.

We’d recommenced holding off on the handle until you’ve moved your Solo around a few times. If it feels like a burden to move, then go get yourself a handle.

Breeo Lineup

The Breeo core lineup, called the ‘X Series,’ is available in three sizes: 19″, 24″, and 30″. The X series are essentially the same features and technology. The main difference is their size, specifically their diameters. All three are 15.5″ tall.

Breeo also offer the Luxeve, which as the name suggests, is the luxury version of a fire pit.

X Series 19

The X Series 19 is the smallest and lowest priced Breeo model. With an outside diameter of 22″ and a height of 14.75″, the X Series 19 closest in size to Solo’s Bonfire.

The Breeo X 19 is perfect for smaller yards or patios. It’s big enough for 2-3 people to hang around, but any more than that and it starts to get crowded.

Keep in mind the Breeo models are pretty heavy. At 47 lbs, the X Series 19 is more than double the weight of the 20 lb Solo Bonfire.

All three models in the X Series are available in regular stainless steel or corten steel.

X Series 24

The mid-sized X Series 24 is the most popular Breeo model. With a 24 inch inside diameter and 27.5 inch outside diameter, it’s closest in size to Solo’s Yukon. The X Series 24 is big enough for groups of 4-5 people.

The X Series 24 is the perfect size for cooking. Pair this fire pit with the Breeo Outpost 24 grate and you’ll have enough room for a burgers, sausages, a cast iron pan, or even spatchcock chicken.

At a solid 62 lbs, this Breeo is almost 24 lbs heavier than the Solo Stove Yukon.

Stuck between the X Series 19 and 24? Check out our comparison of the X Series 19 and 24 and decide which is right for you.

X Series 30

The X Series 30 is the ultimate smokeless fire pit. It has an outside diameter of 34.5″ and a height of 14.75″. It weighs 94 lbs, so this is probably one you’re leaving in one place. The X Series 30 is perfect for big patios or yards. Six people can sit close enough to the X Series 30, without feeling like you’re on top of each other.

All three models in the X Series are great for cooking, but the 30 has something that sets it apart: the ability to connect two Outpost grates. That means twice as much cooking space, making the X Series 30 the perfect grill for cooking for large parties. Using two separate grates also means you can cook at two heights, and therefore two different temperatures.


The Breeo Luxeve is not just a fire pit, it’s meant to “transform your backyard”, as its description claims. With an outside diameter of 36″, The Luexeve is only about 1.5″ bigger than the X Series 30. But it’s not meant to be bigger, it’s meant to be bolder.

The distinguishing feature of the Luxeve is the decorative glass that fills the outside of the rim. The glass (available in 5 colors) offers a chic look that can make this fire pit the centerpiece of any patio.

The Luxeve is available in 4 colors: Bronze Vein, Earth Rust, Silver Vein, and River White. Combine those colors with the different glass options, and you have a total of 20 possible variations.

The Luxeve weighs over 135 lbs with the glass (122.5 lbs without), so it’s meant to stay in one place.

While you can definitely cook on the Luxeve, it’s not what this fire pit was made for. Unlike the X Series, the Luxeve does not have the slots to insert the Breeo Outpost grate. And honestly, cooking can make a mess and you wouldn’t want to get grease all over this beautiful fire pit.

Breeo Accessories

Breeo offers a bunch of accessories to take your fire pit game to the next level. Some are for cooking, others (like the ash shovel) make your life easier, and a few (like the cover and lid) will keep your fire pit clean and dry.

The X Series fire pits only come with the fire pit itself. The accessories must be purchased separately or as part of a bundle.

Searplate Griddle

The Searplate Griddle is a great way to add a cooktop to any X Series fire pit. Made of hot-rolled carbon steel, this griddle is perfect for steaks, seafood, veggies, and a ton more. You can even cook up breakfast. Imagine making bacon, eggs, and pancakes over your Beeo on a nice Fall morning!

The Searplate Griddle comes in three sizes (X19, X24, and X30) that are compatible with the corresponding X Series fire pits. The width of the griddle rim ranges from 5.5″ for the X19 to about 9″ on the X30.

The griddle has two handles made out of pakka wood, which usually remains cool enough to pick up.

Outpost Grill

The Outpost Grill is the grilling system that Solo owners wish they had. The Outpost is a grate (a great grate) that connects to a post that is designed to fit firmly into any X Series fire pit model. The grate is adjustable, which is clutch when cooking over an open flame.

Made of 304 stainless steel, the Outpost will last just as long as your pit. The weight limit ranges from 25 lbs to 80 lbs depending on which X series model you’re using it with. There are two sizes available, the 19 and the 24. Either size can be used with any of the X Series fire pits.

A table will be added here.

Outpost Kettle Hook

The kettle hook is a fun add-on for the Outpost Grill. The hook, which actually has three hooks, can be used for a variety of cooking methods. It can hold a kettle (as the name suggests), but it can be used to string vegetables or to hang a chicken. Like many of these accessories, you’re only limited by your imagination.

There are two different size hooks, the X19 and the X24. Again, either size can be used with any of the three X Series fire pits. The max weight as provided by the manufacturer is listed below. Notice that the X24 has a lower max weight limited compared to the X19.

A Table will be added here:

X Series 19: 25, 20

X Series 24: 52.5, 40

X Series 30: 80, 60

Cast Iron Kettle

From chili to clams to apple pie, there’s not much you can’t make in a cast iron kettle. The Breeo kettle is a fun and easy way to get into cast iron cooking. It’s available in three sizes: 1 gallon, 1.5 gallons, and 2 gallons.

The Breeo Cast Iron Kettle works perfectly with the Breeo Outpost Grill and Hook combo, but you can use the kettle with just about any fire.

X Series Lid

The X Series Lid is designed to keep the inside of your fire pit clean and dry. I also think it adds to the appearance of the fire pit. As an extra bonus, you can use it as drink and snacks table on those nights when you’re not lighting a fire.

The lid comes in three sizes to perfectly fit whichever X Series pit you choose. There are four tabs on the bottom of the lid to ensure the lid doesn’t slide off.

Thinking of using the lid to snuff out the fire? Breeo clearly states that you should “NEVER use the lid to snuff out your fire as it can harm the lid.” Well, we tried that anyway discovered two things:

  1. The lid did not show any visible damage even after putting it over a hot fire and leaving it on for hours.
  2. The lid did not actually snuff out the fire. In fact, there were still coals burning hot the next morning.*

*That’s likely because the design of the Breeo pulls air in from the bottom of the pit.

The bottom line is the lid works great for what it is intended to do, but don’t expect to use it to put out your fire.

X Series Cover

The X Series Cover provides an “extra layer of protection” for your fire pit. It’s a quality cover that looks nice and keeps out rain, leaves, or whatever else could end up in your pit. There are three cover sizes to fit each of the X Series pits, so the fit is perfect. There’s a drawstring that tightens under the outer rim of the pit, so there’s basically zero chance of the cover blowing off.

The breeo fire pit with cover

To answer a few common questions about the cover:

  • The Breeo logo is on both sides of the cover, contrary to Breeo’s response to a question on the product page.
  • The Breeo is designed for all-weather protection, so it will hold up in the snow.
  • The cover will fit over both types of the rims, the standard rim and the searplate.

Is the cover absolutely necessary? Probably not. The X Series pits are weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rust. In fact, there was even an experiment where a Breeo was submerged in the salt flats of the Chesapeake Bay for two months. When they pulled it back out, there was no rust!. Check out their video:

Spark Screen

The Breeo Spark Screen is designed to do one thing: keep sparks contained within the fire pit. It’s strictly a safety measure. So if you’re concerned with sparks escaping your fire pit (which definitely happens) then definitely consider purchasing this spark screen.

The screen is made 303 stainless steel, so it’s built to last as long as your pit and other Bree accessories. The screen clips into the Outpost pole insert hole, so it’s not going to slide around.

Ash Shovel

The inside bottom of a Breeo has a raised ‘X’ pattern that allows for air flow. While that’s great for keeping your fire smokeless, it makes cleaning the ash out of the bottom a bit of a pain. The solution is the Breeo Ash Shovel, which is designed to fit within each of the four quadrants and scoop out the ash without too much hassle or mess.

Or pick up a cheap plastic scoop, like this one:


This might fall into the ‘gear’ category, but worth mentioning is the selection of Breeo branded hats and t-shirts. There are a few different t-shirts styles available and two versions of the trucker hat. There’s also a pretty cool leather grilling apron.

Free Breeo Gear! Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about how to get free hats or t-shirts (and more) through the Breeo Firemaster’s Club…

Breeo Bonus: The Firemaster’s Club

Breeo offers a membership to the “Firemaster’s Club,” which is a way to earn points through Breeo purchases, reviewing products, or for having a birthday. Those points can be redeemed for gear like t-shirts, hats, an ash shovel, grilling apron and more.

Here’s how you can earn points:

  • Buy Breeo products: 1 point per $1
  • Create an account: 500 points
  • Write a review: 500 points
  • Sign up for the mailing list: 500 points
  • Like on Facebook and Instagram: 100 points each
  • Celebrate a birthday: 500 points
  • Refer a friend: 2500 points

And here are the products you can purchase with your points:

  • Trucker Hat: 1,000 points
  • T-shirt: 1,000 points
  • Breeo Ash Shovel: 2,000 points
  • $25 Gift Card: 2500 points
  • Leather Grilling Apron: 5,000 points
  • Outpost Grill: 10,000 points

So it’s pretty easy to get a free hat, shirt, shovel or gift card. The apron and outpost are a little harder to get to. The trick there is to find a few friends who you could talk into buying a Breeo.

Let’s say you decide to buy the X Series 24. You’ll get ~500 points for the purchase If you take the easy step to create an account, write a review, sign up for the mailing list, and have a birthday, you’re already at 2,500 points. Then refer one friend to get an apron, or three friends to get the Outpost. If you don’t have friends, use the points to buy a t-shirt and trucker hats, and you’ll find friends in no time!

Next we’ll answer some questions we get asked often.

Which brand is better for enclosing in patio blocks?

Both Breeo and Solo pits can be enclosed with patio blocks. However, Solo recommends keeping a 3-6″ gap between the Solo and the blocks. Breeo doesn’t require a gap and actually sells an insert rim designed to fill in any space between the Breeo and the blocks.

Breeo X Series 24 with stone surround and lid

So if you’re concerned with appearance, the Breeo looks much better wrapped in stone. But if you want to use blocks to keep kids form getting to close to the fire, that can be accomplished with either brand.

Which is better for cooking?

This comes down to who has the better cooking accessories. The Breeo Outpost grate is the versatile cooking system that lends itself to all types of cooking. Solo offers the Hub, which you can use with different cooktops. They’re very different systems, but if we had to pick which is better for cooking, it would be the Breeo Outpost. It’s super versatile and only requires one purchase.

If you want to cook on a Solo, you’ll need to purchase the Hub, plus your choice of cooktop. So for now, we’re picking the Breeo as the better cooking pit.

Which pits are more portable?

Solo Stoves are considerably lighter and more portable than the comparable Breeo models. Plus Solo makes carrying cases with handles that let you move your pit with one hand. so for portability, Solo is the winner.

UPDATE: Breeo has released the new portable Y Series, which is lighter than the X Series and has fordable legs.

What are the must-have accessories?

For safety purposes, you’ll want to consider a spark shield. We usually keep our fire pretty far from houses/structures, but a spark shield should give you piece of mind.

Cooking is the next priority, so regardless of which brand of fire pit you go with, get yourself grate. Breeo makes the Outpost which is the greatest grate (in my opinion).

Where are Breeo and Solo products made?

Breeo proudly makes fire pits in the U.S.A., specifically in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Solo Stove is based in Texas, but its products are made in China. See our list of more American made fire pits.

Other than the pit itself, what else do I need to enjoy my Breeo or Solo Stove?

Some wood and a spark. That’s the short answer, but if you plan on using your fire pit a lot (and we hope you do), there a few other items you may want to pick up:

Kindling Cracker

It’s easier to start and sometimes maintain a fire using smaller logs. The Kindling Cracker is an efficient (and probably safer) way to split wood, compared to using a splitting axe.

Just place your log into the Kindling Cracker and whack the top with a ~2-pound hammer. The log will be driven into and through the fixed blade in the Kindling Cracker.

Fire Starters

It takes some time for Breeo and Solo Stoves to get hot enough to be smokeless. So the faster you can get the fire started the better. There are various products and household materials you can use to speed up the fire starting process.

A few popular household items for starting fires are cardboard egg cartons and dryer lint. Both catch quickly and burn relatively slow, so they work great to get your kindling (twigs, smaller branches) ignited.

Fire Pit Gloves

Fire pit gloves are designed to protect your hands from heat. They’re super useful around a fire pit, especially when using cooking accessories, opening/closing the ash screen, or handling anything else that can be too hot to handle.

You can also use welding gloves. Welding gloves are surprisingly cheap, so pick up a pair and your hands will thank you.


A poker is useful for repositioning logs in your fire. It’s doesn’t have to be expensive. You may even have something that could do the job lying around your garage. If you decide to buy, Solo offers the Poker and Grabber combo. You can find much cheaper pokers like this one on Amazon

Do Breeo or Solo charge for shipping?

Breeo and Solo both ship the fire pits anywhere in the contiguous U.S. for free. This is subject to change, but it’s unlikely either company will start charging for shipping.

Do Breeo or Solo ever have sales?

Both brands have sales, although Breeo fire pits go on sale much less frequently. In recent years, Breeo fire pits have only gone on sale around Black Friday. Solo on the other hand, seems to use a marketing strategy where the Solo Stoves are always on sale.

The Overall Winner

This is not an easy decision. Both Breeo and Solo Stove make great products that should last for many years. If we have to pick one brand, Breeo is our choice for the best smokeless fire pit. It’s high quality, efficient, great looking, and will last forever.

However, if you’re looking to save some money, then absolutely get yourself a Solo Stove. Solo Stoves are great, and you can use the money you saved to pick up some accessories.

Either way, we hope you enjoyed this article. And even more, we hope you enjoy your fire pit for many years to come!

The Fire Pit Bros are reader-supported. If you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

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