Breeo X Series 24: The Ultimate Smokeless Fire Pit

Do you love spending time outdoors around a warm fire, but don’t like the hassle of dealing with smoke and ashes? If so, then you need to check out the Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit! This amazing product allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional campfire without the smoke. Keep reading for our full review of this innovative new product.

About the Breeo X Series 24

The X Series 24 is a smokeless wood burning fire pit made by Breeo. It’s the mid-sized fire pit in the X Series, fitting between the 19 and 30. It’s a top-of-the-line fire pit that should be the last fire pit you’ll ever need to buy. The fire pit is made in Pennsylvania out of durable stainless steel.

This Breeo fire pit is perfect for cooking, or just hanging around with your friends.

The X Series 24 comes in two types:

Stainless Steel

Corten Steel

The corten steel version is bluish-gray out of the box, but will develop a rust-like patina over time. The patina actually protects the metal. Both versions will last just as long. The stainless steel version is a bit more expensive.

Is the X Series 24 really smokeless?

Once the fire gets going, the Breeo puts off (almost) no smoke. That’s assuming you follow the instructions and use the right kind of wood. We’ll talk more about smokeless technology later, but for now just know that the pit needs to be really hot to burn off the smoke. So it will put off smokes for a bit when you’re starting the fire. But after that, no smoke!


The X Series 24 has a diameter of 27.5″ when measure from the outer edge of the rim. The rim itself is 2.5″ thick, leaving an opening of 22.5″. The total height of the fire pit is 14.75″.

The fire pit is perfect for holding just the right amount of logs.

Weighing in at 62 pounds, the X Series is pretty heavy. You can move it around your yard, but it’s not designed for things like camping, tailgating, or going to the beach.


The reason why the X Series fire pit weighs what it does is because its made from thick 304 stainless steel. That means the fire pit will last a long time, and won’t rust out like cheaper fire pits.

Breeo also offers the X Series in corten steel, which will develop a rust-like patina over time. This won’t hurt the steel. It actually acts as a layer of protection. Some people like the look and others don’t. Both steel types, stainless and corten, will last a lifetime. If you’re looking to save money, the corten steel is usually priced significantly less than regular stainless.

Breeo uses some thick steel for the X Series. As you can see from the picture below, the rim measures 1/8″ thick. It doesn’t look like the double walls are quite that thick, but they’re still pretty beefy. That’s why the the Breeo weighs so much more than Solo Stove or other competitors.

A closeup of the Breeo rim with a gauge showing the thickness.
The rim of the Breeo X Series 24 is 1/8″ thick

How are Breeo fire pits smokeless?

Breeo uses double walls to create something called ‘secondary combustion’ to burn off smoke. Here’s how it works. First, fresh air is pulled in through the bottom of the fire pit. The air then gets heated as it travels up through the space between the double walls (which will be very hot!). The heated air is then released through holes around the inner top apart of the fire pit, where it vaporizes (most of) the smoke before it is released into the air.

Hopefully this helps you picture how it works:

Cool air gets heated, then burns of smoke from the fire.

If you’re still not clear, check out our article on how smokeless fire pits work.


Breeo offers a bunch of great accessories to take your X Series fire pit to the next level. Some accessories are meant to protect the pit like the X Series lid and cover. Others, like the ash screen are meant for safety.

Our favorite accessory is the Breeo Outpost, which is the perfect grate for cooking. It includes a post that integrates perfectly into a slot in the rim of the fire pit. The grate easily adjusts to ensure your food is getting cooked at just the right temp. Anything you can cook on a typical propane or charcoal grill can also be cooked on your Breeo (and it’s more fun over the fire pit).

Brussel spouts in a cast iron pan and a pork tenderloin on the grate above a fire.
Cooking with the X Series 24 Outpost grate.

Breeo is constantly coming out with cool new accessories to make you fire pit experience even better.

Where to use a Breeo

You can use your Breeo on most outdoor surfaces, such as a deck, stone patio, or right on top of the grass.

If you’re using the Breeo on a surface that can damaged by heat, consider the Breeo X Series fire pit base (sold separately).

Surrounding a Breeo in stone

Some people love the look of a Breeo out of the box. Others think it looks nicer when it’s wrapped in patio stone. I personally think it looks good without the stone, but wrapping the fire pit in stone adds an extra layer between the hot steel and any kids or pets. For that reason, I decided to surround it in stone.

Here’s my Breeo X Series 24 before putting stone around it:

And after:

Breeo sells an insert ring that fits between the fire pit rim and the stone surround. It covers the gap, making the whole thing look a bit nicer.

The X Series 19 vs 24

If you’re considering the Breeo X Series 24, it’s worth taking a look at the smaller X Series 19 as well. While the 24 is a great choice for larger gatherings and more expansive outdoor spaces, the 19 may be a better fit for those with limited space or smaller crowds to feed. Despite its smaller size, the X Series 19 still packs a punch with its impressive efficiency and durable construction. For more detail, check out our comparison of the Breeo X Series 19 and 24 and decide which is right for you.

Breeo vs Solo Stove

Solo Stove and Breeo are probably the most popular names in smokeless fire pits. We’ll talk about how the two brands are alike and where they differ.

Both Solo Stove and Breeo use similar technology to produce smokeless fire. The location and size of the fresh air intakes is different, but both use double-walls to create secondary combustion. I’ve spent many hours next to both and haven’t noticed a difference in which puts off less smoke.

My Solo Stove Yukon

Each brand produces different sized models, but if you compare the closest sizes between the two, it’s clear that Solo Stove offers greater portability. Breeo X Series models can weigh nearly twice as much as similarly sized Solo Stove pits.

In terms of quality, I think Breeo has the edge, for the same reason they weigh more. Breeo uses thicker steel. Plus Breeo is made in the U.S.A. and Solo Stove is made in China.

Overall, both brands produce quality fire pits that last a really, really long time.

About Breeo

Based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Breeo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality smokeless fire pit and accessories. The X Series is their flagship line of fire pits. They also sell quality chairs and table to complete your fire pit experience.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed our Breeo X Series 24 smokeless fire pit review. We highly recommend this fire pit. The price tag may seem a bit high, but keep in mind this will be the last fire pit you’ll ever need to buy. I also recommend picking up the Outpost Grate for year-round cooking.

I love my X Series 24, and you’ll love yours too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Breeo fire pits ever go on sale?

Yes, Breeo has ad Black Friday sales over the past several years.

How do you clean a Breeo?

To remove the ash, use an ash shovel to scoop it out or use a vacuum designed for ash. Wait until the fire pit is fully cooled.

The stainless steel can be cleaned with stainless steel cleaner, such as Barkeepers Friend.

What wood is best to burn in a Breeo X Series 24?

Hard woods such as ash and oak work best since they burn longer than softwoods.

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