Top 5 Surprising Uses of Wood Fire Pit Ash

Wood fire pits are an excellent way to create a cozy, warm atmosphere while enjoying the great outdoors. However, once the fire has died down and the embers have cooled, you are left with a pile of ash that seems to serve no purpose. But, did you know that wood fire pit ash has several uses that can be beneficial for you and the environment?

Best ways to re-use wood ash

Don’t throw your ash away, recycle it! Here are the best ways we’ve found to reuse wood ash.

Get a greener lawn by increasing the pH

Wood ash can be a great addition to your lawn. It contains essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are essential for plant growth. Additionally, wood ash can help increase the pH of your soil, which is beneficial for plants that prefer alkaline soil. To use wood ash on your lawn, spread a thin layer over the surface and water it in. Be sure not to use too much ash, as this can lead to an imbalance of nutrients and cause harm to your plants.

Use ash for cleaning

Wood fire pit ash is a natural abrasive and can be used as a cleaning agent. It is particularly useful for cleaning glass, as it can remove stubborn stains and grime. Simply mix the ash with a small amount of water to create a paste, apply it to the surface you want to clean, and scrub gently. Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly after cleaning to avoid leaving any residue.

Keep harmful insects away

If you have a problem with slugs, snails, or other insects, wood fire pit ash can be an effective natural deterrent. Sprinkle a thin layer of ash around your plants, and it will create a barrier that insects will find difficult to cross. Ash might not work quite as well as some pesticides, but we’d prefer ash over harmful chemicals.

Add ash to compost bin

Wood fire pit ash can be a valuable addition to your compost bin. It contains essential minerals that can help break down organic matter and improve soil structure. Additionally, the alkaline nature of wood ash can help balance the pH of your compost, which is essential for healthy decomposition. Be sure to mix the ash with your compost thoroughly to avoid creating pockets of high alkalinity.

Improve traction on slippery surfaces

During the winter months, wood fire pit ash can be a great way to improve traction on slippery surfaces like sidewalks and driveways. Simply sprinkle a thin layer of ash over the surface and sweep it around. The ash will provide a gritty texture that can help prevent slips and falls.

What is wood ash anyway?

Wood ash is the residue that remains after wood has been burned, and it is composed mainly of inorganic compounds. The exact composition of wood ash can vary depending on the type of wood that was burned, as well as the temperature and duration of the burn.

Generally, wood ash contains a range of minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, zinc, and copper. These minerals are essential for plant growth, which is why we recommended adding ash as a fertilizer to your lawn.

However, it’s important to note that wood ash can also contain harmful substances, such as heavy metals, if the wood was treated with chemicals or contaminated in some way. Therefore, it’s recommended to only use wood ash from untreated, clean wood sources.

Why you should clean the ash from your fire pit (especially smokeless fire pits)

Smokeless fire pits are designed to reduce smoke output, but a buildup of ash can interfere with their performance. Ash can block the vents at the bottom of the fire pit, leading to poor airflow and a reduction in the fire’s heat. A reduction in heat means that the fire will produce more smoke, defeating the purpose of having a smokeless fire pit.

By regularly cleaning the ash, you can help to maintain proper airflow, reducing the amount of smoke produced by the fire. If you’re Solo Stove is clear of ash, but you’re still getting smoke, check out other reasons why your Solo Stove is smokey.

An ash filled Breeo can’t ventilate properly

Wrapping up

In conclusion, wood fire pit ash may seem like a waste product, but it has several uses that can be beneficial for you and the environment. From improving the health of your lawn to cleaning your home naturally, wood ash is a versatile resource that should not be overlooked. So, the next time you light up your wood fire pit, don’t forget about the potential uses for the ash that remains!

What’s the best way to clean ashes from a fire pit?

There are a few good ways to clean ash from a fire pit. An ash shovel works well. You can also use a ash vacuum, which is designed specifically for the tiny ash particles. You can also pick up the fire pit and dump out the ash if your pit is small enough. If you have a Solo Stove, check out our article on 3 Easy Ways to Clean Ash from Your Solo Stove.

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