How to Tell which Solo Stove You Own

Solo Stove makes several different models, and there are different versions of each models. This can make things difficult if you’re trying to purchase accessories for your Solo Stove. The different models look very similar making it hard to tell them apart. Today we’ll explain the best way to tell which model Solo Stove you have.

Identifying your Solo Stove model

The are two main ‘families’ of Solo Stoves: the smaller camp stoves and the larger backyard fire pits. The camp stove models are the Lite, Titan, and Campfire. The Solo Stove fire pits are the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon. There’s also a recently added ‘Mesa’, which is a table top fire pit. The camp stoves all look alike, as do the three fire pit models. So it can be difficult to tell them apart, But here is an easy way.

The best way to tell what Solo Stove you own is by measuring the size. Specifically, you should measure the diameter of the Solo Stove opening.

The table below shows the diameter of each Solo Stove model.

Yukon 3030″
Diameter of each Solo Stove model

The Mesa and Campfire are pretty close in size. The big difference between the two is that the Mesa has legs, whereas the bottom of the campfire is flat.

How to measure the diameter of your Solo Stove

To measure the diameter of your Solo Stove, take a measuring tape and measure the widest part of outer rim. You’re looking for the widest part of the fire pit or cam stove. In the picture below, I’m measuring the diameter of my Solo Stove Titan, which is just over 5″.

Measuring the diameter of a Solo Stove

Yukon 27″ vs 30″

The original Yukon had a diameter of 30″. Solo Stove reduced the size of the Yukon to 27″. The company claimed the 30″ model was getting damaged in shipping, so they had to make it smaller.

I had a 30″ Yukon and made the mistake of selling it. The 27″ Yukon is great too. If you have the 30″, you can still find Yukon 30″ accessories.

Solo Stove 1.0 or 2.0?

The upgraded version of the fire pit models is called ‘2.0’. There’s really one big difference between the 1.0 and 2.0, and that’s the removable ash that comes with the 2.0. Otherwise, the the version look alike and are the same size. So if your fire pit came with ash tray, then you likely have the 2.0 version. If there’s no ash tray, then you may want to learn how to clean Solo Stove ashes.

Further comparison of the fire pit models

Size is the biggest difference between the Solo Stove fire pit models. But different sizes mean different accessories, different size logs, and more. For more detailed comparisons, check out our guides to the Solo Stove Ranger vs Bonfire, and the Bonfire vs Yukon. These guides are helpful for you if you’re trying to determine which to purchase.

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