How to put out a Breeo fire pit

If you’re like me, you want a quick and safe way to put our your Breeo fire pit at the end of the night. Today I’ll cover the best way to put out your Breeo fire, and also cover some ways you should not extinguish your fire.

The best way to put out your Breeo

The best way to put out your Breeo when you’re done using it is to let it burn out.

For safety purposes don’t leave the fire unattended as it burns out. I also recommend using a spark shield to ensure embers don’t escape the fire pit.

My Breeo X Series 24, developing some patina

Sorry we couldn’t give you a better answer, but that’s really the best way. The key is to stop adding logs well before you’re ready to go inside. This isn’t ideal, since a smaller fire will put off less heat, and will start to put off smoke as well. But at least you’ll have the piece of mind knowing the fire is safe.

Let’s talk about some other options, and why they’re not recommended.

Why you shouldn’t snuff a Breeo with your Lid

As we wrote about in our Breeo Lid review, the manufacturer warns against using your lid to snuff out the fire. The Breeo FAQ page clearly states “Never use your lid as a snuffer.” The reason? “Doing so can cause creosote buildup and dripping, as well as lid damage.” Breeo pits can take a lot, but apparently creosote can do some damage.

breeo lid with coffee mug
The Breeo lid is great, but not for snuffing out fires.

Before learning that, I did try to use the Lid to snuff out the fire. I didn’t see any creosote buildup or damage to the lid from that one instance. But I did notice the embers were still glowing hot several hours after I put the lid on. Snuffing the Breeo doesn’t work great because the fire still gets oxygen through the holes on the bottom of the fire pit.

Can you use water to put out the fire in your Breeo?

I don’t recommend using water to extinguish your Breeo. When water mixes with ash, it creates a mud-like substance that clogs the air holes. It’s a major pain to clean out. Plus it will leave a big mess around your fire pit.

However, using water to put out your Breeo is safer than letting it burn out unattended. If you need to use water, just make sure to get all the ashes out before they harden. A garden hose works fine for that.

For more cleaning tips, check out our guide to cleaning Breeo ashes.

Bottom line

There are a few ways to put out your Breeo, but the best way is the simplest way: just let it burn out. The other options, like using a hose or snuffing the fire, can damage the fire pit.

Just don’t leave the fire burning unattended. If you do need to step away, use a spark shield to keep embers inside the fire pit.

Thanks for reading and happy burning!

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